Game Basics

  • Two teams compete by running side-by-side in a 4 dog relay race
  • The handler releases the dog several feet back so she can be at full speed crossing the start line
  • The dogs do a running pass where the dog coming back needs to cross the line before the dog going out
  • Each dogs runs down a 51’ course, over 4 jumps to a Flyball Box
  • The Flyball Box is triggered as the dog hits it on the turn around
  • The box releases a ball the dog must carry back over the jumps and across the start line
  • Once the dogs returns, the next dog is released
  • The team who gets all 4 dogs to run the course, without error, in the lowest time, wins
Flyball Course Chattanooga Feb 2018


  • Jump height is determined by the smallest dog on the team
  • Lowest jump height is 7” and the highest 14”
  • The first jump is 6’ from the starting line, then 10’ apart. The last jump is 15’ from the box
  • Typically made from 1/2” sintra PVC board or plywood


  • Use a mechanical mechanism to release the ball
  • Often have 2 holes (right/left) and sometime more adding a center hole(s)
  • The box needs to eject the ball at least 24” out
  • Boxes are typically 24” wide by 18” tall

Box Loader

  • Loads a ball into the hole on the side the next dog turns
  • Balls are typically tennis balls but can be any ball without a noise maker
  • The loader must stay standing behind the box
  • They can encourage the dogs as they’re running down but cannot wave hands and arms


  • The dogs are awarded points for each heat of a race
  • If the four dog’s total time is under 32 seconds, each dog that ran gets 1 point
  • If the total time is under 28 seconds, each dog gets 5 points
  • If the total time is under 24 seconds, each dog gets 25 points
  • The points are accumulated over the dog’s life
  • Earned points go towards titles